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Stille Nacht

I have only just discovered that Christmas Eve, 2018 is the bi-centenary (200 years) of the first performance of Stille Nacht (Silent Night) or that it was composed originally to be played on guitar.

If you want to learn the story of this simple Christmas Carol, click on the picture to watch a short BBC film. The film can be found at the bottom of the BBC page.


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Coventry Cathedral

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News report: Archbishop visits St. James by Ibis15

Southam ‘Homecoming’ for Archbishop

On Thursday 3rd May, Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, visited Southam St. James as part of celebrations for the centenary of Coventry Diocese and also because his children came to the school.

Before he walked through the guard of honour made by Reception, the children thought he was going to be boring but, when they met him properly, they found him very amusing especially from the reactions to his questions. Edward in Year 6 said, “I was very surprised by Archbishop Justin because I expected him to be formal but he was very inspiring and humorous.” Ronnie in Reception asked him, “Are you looking forward to the Royal Wedding?” He replied, “I am excited and nervous because last time I blessed the rings I tilted the Bible and they rolled off and when I looked down at them they were gone!”

Next, the children sang hymns and they read out their own prayers. Having been the old vicar of St. James church and a school Governor, he was glad to see the children’s progress at school and he was astounded by the display of their cross of nails artwork that was in the school hall.

Close to the end, Daniel, age 10, presented the Archbishop with a hand-made Crozier made by Mr. King (the Executive Headteacher’s husband) crafted from the finest wood and buffalo skin. He was delighted by it and said he was going to keep it so he could use it at Lambeth Palace for the Royal wedding. His wife, Caroline, was also given a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

In the end, Year 6 made a guard of honour for Caroline and Justin. In a few weeks, Justin is going to the wedding for Prince Harry and Megan and he is going to use the Crozier from Southam St. James. Hopefully the rings don’t disappear again!

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News Report of Archbishop Justin Welby’s visit by Penguin23

Local school gets a visit from a celebrity

On the 3rd May, The Archbishop of Canterbury arrived in Southam to visit St. James C.E. Primary School where he had sent his children and was once a governor. When he arrived, he had a warm welcome from the Worship Team (Freya, Thomas, Dan and Ioney) and from Reception before he met many members of the local community.

After a warm welcome from a selected few children, The Archbishop of Canterbury proceeded through to a thoughtfully planned service. To open the assembly, Freya (part of the Worship Team) lit the candle before one of the headteachers, Mrs King, took over. As a special gift for Justin Welby, Mr King made him a crozier from local resources which he is keen to use at Lambeth Palace.

Next came a challenge: several children had prepared taxing questions for the Archbishop of Canterbury to answer. Mrs Welby took all of the lime-light answering one question from Jasmine in Year 5, ‘How did you feel when you got the job?’ Making all of the guests laugh, she explained the ‘phone call which went on forever saying “hello” and “I’ve got it!” At first, she did not know what he had got but then she realised.

Four children from Year 6 were also chosen to say prayers or readings. The two prayers were thoughtfully written by Jack and Minnie and clearly read by Ioney and Thomas. Finally, Rebecca and Chloe read a complex reading from The Bible.

When The Archbishop of Canterbury left, he said, “It has been a pleasure to return and I wish to come back again.” As he left, the path was lined with Year 6 forming a guard of honour. Many of the children will remember this visit for life.

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News report: Archbishop of Canterbury visit by Panda17

Southam gets a special visitor, The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Thursday (3rdMay), The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, visited St. James C.E. Primary School in Southam to celebrate the Centenary of Coventry Diocese with them. He had previously been a governor at St. James and at the college. He was also their local vicar.

Reception and Year 6 children welcomed him and his wife, Caroline Welby, as they entered the hall. “It was amazing to see him wearing the cross of nails,” said one Year 6 pupil.

During the service, some children asked him questions. Ellie in Year 2 asked, “Do you ever get nervous before going on the radio or TV?” He replied, “Yes. I also get a bit ‘shouty’ and moan at people a lot. However, I don’t always realise I’m doing it!”

After all the children had asked their questions, they sang some hymns including ‘Chain of Love’ and ‘Jubilate’.

Sadly, the service did not last very long. “It only felt like five minutes,” said a boy from Year 5. After some children had given Justin Welby his crozier, Year 6 pupils formed a guard of honour. “It was the best day ever!” exclaimed Bella from Year 3.


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If you would like to discover more about elephants (and other endangered animals), this website for the World Wildlife Fund has lots of interesting information on it. This is where I found out all about chilli dung bombs, elephants’ ‘hearing’ feet, right and left tusks as well as all their incredible behaviours to care for each other that we discussed in assembly today. Click on the picture to find out more.

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 21.13.36

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Toilet Twinning fund-raising

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 20.19.52We’ve been planning how we could raise money to try to twin our toilets at school to help people in countries that don’t have enough toilets. We were shocked to discover that about a third of the world’s population does not have a proper toilet to use and we wanted to help. In maths we worked out the cost of making buns using information on recipes and the price of different ingredients. e.g. We worked out that we could get 12 lots of 125g out of a 1.5kg bag of flour, and 8 lots of 125g from a 1kg bag of sugar. Then we worked out how much each batch of buns would cost by calculating the price of each ingredient, e.g. we found the cost of the flour by dividing the price of a bag of flour by 12 and the cost of the sugar by dividing the price of a bag of sugar by 8.  We plan to try to make buns and also sell lemonade to raise money.

If you want to find out more about this charity, follow the link here.

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Shadow puppets

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Nativity in the shed!

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Rembrandt’s painting, The Return of the Prodigal Son

Rembrandt 1In R.E. this week we looked carefully at this 17th century painting by Rembrandt to see how he represented themes from the parable of the prodigal son in his work.

We noticed that the right hand is painted much smaller than the left hand. We also looked at the feet of the son, his clothes, and the position and expressions on the faces of other people in the picture.hands

Here are a few of the comments Year 6 made about the painting:

“There’s a weaker hand and there’s a stronger hand because the Dad wants to protect him and to care for him.” (HD)

“His father is showing him forgiveness. I think one of his hands is God’s hand.” (CH)

“The symbol of the hands makes me think of family because the hands are big and strong and little and caring.” (PR)

feet“The smaller hand shows love and forgiveness. The larger one shows the strong side of him and possibly God.” (MC)

A poor old face brimming with tears. I think the poor man is so happy to see his little son.” (OD)

“I think he is poor because he has a dirty rag and his shoe is broken and he has a bald head because he is showing he is sorry.” (TH)

“The feet show that he is sorry and also show how far he walked for his Dad.” (SW)

This picture shows the youngest son being sorry for what he has done. I think this picture is sad because the youngest son is finally showing his caring side. Love beats hatred. Light beats darkness.” (JF)

“It shows that love is more powerful than hatred and you can love people if they have done bad things.” (JL)

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