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Frontier Centre

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Cross country

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World Cup Football Day – Iceland

Image result for iceland flagIceland are playing in their first World Cup Finals and today we learned something about the history, geography, language and culture of Iceland and held a mini football tournament.

We discovered that the population of the whole country is about the same size as Coventry! This helps to see what an achievement qualifying for the World Cup has been.


During the day we tried some Icelandic food (including rye bread, Skyr, pickled herrings and pickled cucumbers, followed up by Kleinur (little donuts)).

If you want to try cooking these for yourselves, click on the images below to find the recipes we used.

Kleinur Donuts are quite simple to make and they went down well! They are even better slightly warm, fresh from the pan!



The rye bread is easy to mix, but takes a long time (about 8 hours) to cook on a low temperature. Some other recipes use molasses or treacle instead of syrup which would make the bread darker and maybe taste a little less sweet.



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What makes me feel free by Kingfisher22

Sprinting down the side-lineScreen Shot 2017-11-08 at 19.09.05
With no fear, just hope.
The tiny tap of a football
Brings me a happy face
Even scoring or crossing,
Happiness is great.

One on one with the keeper,
And not sure where to go.
The beat of a drum
Is like my heart beating slow
But, afterwards, just glad
Glad to know I’ve scored
From the snow-white penalty spot.

Football makes me happy!

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Cross Country Club Hobby Homework

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My hobby. Guide to cheerleading

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Introduction to Horse-riding by Porpoise21

The Guide To My Hobby

My hobby is horse riding.

I have been horse riding since I was three years old and I have done many competitions.

The first step to horse riding is you need a horse; you can loan, lease or actually buy your own horse.

What Would You Do?

Well I mostly focus on mounted games: it is my favourite. Mounted games contain speed, accuracy and teamwork (unless you choose to be an individual). For example, the race you always learn first is bending. The clue’s in the name: you bend through five poles up and down. It might sound easy but you have to go as fast as you can whilst steering your pony left and right through the poles. There are lots of other races like mug, quoits, sock, pyramid, flag, stepping stones and so on.

Where Could You Go And Find Out More?

The closest place to try out mounted games is the Warwickshire or North Warwickshire pony club teams.  On the other hand, a bit further away is The Atherstone Hunt branch (where I go).  If you don’t want to do games, Warwickshire, North Warwickshire and Atherstone Hunt branch do other disciplines as well. To find out more, you can go to their facebook page or their website.

You don’t have to go to pony club; you can start at a local riding school for lessons as well.

Horse Fitness

Of course you need to keep your horse fit otherwise it will be too overweight to be ridden. You have to ride your horse regularly and make sure your horse has food and water.

More About Horse Riding

In horse riding, riders can start from three years old and over. I prefer mounted games but I have tried a variety of different things like dressage, cross country, polo cross, show  jumping, endurance and I have enjoyed them all. Interestingly, my cousin has been a horse rider for ages: from a tiny tot to being chosen to represent England’s Under 12 and Under 14 Mounted Games teams and become champion twice! She has continued to improve more and more and she is now a phenomenal rider.

You will be surprised at how many people do horse riding. If you are a boy and is interested but is afraid to give it a go, you shouldn’t be because horse riding for everyone! In my opinion, and I think I am speaking for many other people, horse riding is a great hobby!

Many horse riders have achieved incredible things like Nick Skelton being Gold Olympian show jumper,  Charlotte Dujardin British Olympic dressage rider, William Fox-Pitt and Pippa Funnell Olympic eventers, the famous A.P Mcoy horse racing jockey and lots more.

Who Would Enjoy Horse Riding

Horse riding is for everyone; if you have a disability there is nothing stopping you from horse riding. There is an organisation (riding for the disabled) for disabled riders so don’t be afraid to join in.


I hope you give horse riding a go and ENJOY!

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Well done everyone who has played all season. You did really well to come 2nd in the competition this week!

You’ve set a great example for Year 5 to follow next year.

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