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e-safety link CBBC

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 23.34.30Here is a useful link to the CBBC website and some helpful advice on internet safety. If there is anything on here that worries you, make sure you tell an adult at home or at school   so that we can try to help. Click on the image to follow the link.


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Homework due Thursday 15th October

We have been learning how to stay safe when we use mobile devices and work/play online. We have begun thinking about how best to present advice to other children (younger or our own age) or to adults (parents and grandparents) to help them remember messages about e-Safety. Over the next couple of weeks we will creating e-Safety cartoons and beginning to plan stories, films and songs to communicate e-Safety messages in an accessible and memorable way.

Can you think of ideas for your cartoon characters? Do you want to have an e-Safety superhero? If so, what would he/she be like? What superpowers could they have? Will you have an e-Safety team of characters with individual particular talents? What about ‘baddies’ in your film/cartoon? Without making the message too scary, how can you make it clear? Your homework is to create at least one idea for your e-Safety project, e.g. a drawing and a name with some character ideas that you will be able to bring in to start cartoon work and then group work next week.

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e-Safety poem

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e-Safety message

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e-Safety poster

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Some examples of important eSafety messages from Year 6

We have been doing a bit of practising learning j2e and reminding ourselves about eSafety messages. Here are some of the things we have created in just our first lesson of experimenting. Well done! We are going to be pretty ‘whizzy’ by the end of the year at this rate! Things will gradually get loaded without names to protect you all, but you’ll recognise your own work!



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E-safety links

It is really important that you stay safe when you use a computer and the internet.

Remember what we have learned about telling someone if you see anything that makes you feel unsafe.

Never share your personal information online.

Think before you click!

There are lots of places to get help:

Thinkuknow (CEOP link where you can report something you don’t like online).



UK Safer Internet Centre

Warwickshire e-safety advice for parents

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