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Learning tables can be fun!

If you want to get better at your tables here are some games that could make learning them more fun!

Learn tables quickly!

Maths games

Maths games 2

Balloon popping multiplication and division facts  [This starts quite slowly, but the facts get harder and the numbers quicker!]

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Native American myths and Legends

We enjoyed the myth about how the chipmunk got his stripes.
If you want to read some more, here is a useful link:

Native American Myths

(This was a Year 3 link that they used last year, but you may enjoy this site too!)

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Myths and Legends

This is a good site for finding out about myths and legends.

If you want to see some other stories, follow this link:

Myths and Legends

It has links to lots of different myths and legends from all over the world.

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