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Spitfire poems

spitfireHere are just a small selection of our poems written following topic work finding out about spitfire pilots.






Flying, Flying
Flying so high
The wings painting the clouds
When you get shot
it looks like an eagle
When the rain hits
I now know
It’s my last words.


Spitfire flying

Flying high,
slicing the air with the tips of the wings.
As dusk rises,
the spitfire rises too.

Shocked and worried,
as no enemy is in sight,
the plane soars higher
to get a better view

But even higher,
The Meschermitt waits.
And waits.
And waits…


Spitfire Battle

Propellers rotating with speed
Rolling to the other end
Wheels turning frantically
Then they’re up from the ground
And never to touch down again

Lifting up over the clouds,
Proceeding to the enemy,
Houses down below,
Take your last look now
As they’ll not be there tomorrow.

Then the enemy is spotted,
Deadly cargo dropped,
With bullets raining out,
Smoke trails in the air,
And an explosion that is seen every day.


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Some poems inspired by Coventry Blitz

coventry blitzAs part of our topic work on the Second World War we have been writing poetry. Some of us chose to write about the Coventry Blitz in memory of the 75th anniversary of Moonlight Sonata. We tried to imagine how people might have felt during the shocking night of November 14th 1940.

Coventry Blitz
Just another day,
Everyone happy,
Working, playing,
Getting on with their ordinary lives in the city
Settling down for bed; wardens walking calmly down the street.
Everyone confused; we are not a target.
Then it became a reality.
This was real.
Air sirens, screaming, shouting,
Planes up high, flying all around,
Bombs, grenades, every kind of weapon,
Enemies watching over us.
Now we remember what they did for us,
To be alive today, they ended the terrible ongoing war.
We must now remember them for what they did for us.
Thank you

Thank you.


Red Sky at night, Germans’ time to fly

Germans are coming,
Brits get ready.
They’re kitted up,
But they’re going down.

Germans drop lives,
Brits save lives,
Six days gone.
Cathedral long gone.

Germans wrecked our hope,
Brits stay positive,
Trying not to give up.
Churchill, help us!



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Our amazing light photography

globeWe had a lot of fun tonight experimenting with light and dark to create light paintings. With a slow shutter speed (between 15 and 25 seconds) on the camera in a dark classroom, we painted pictures with glowsticks and torches. We gradually learned that the slower we moved the clearer the image. Well done everyone who had a go tonight! Hope you like seeing some examples of your work.

facesnowmanChurchalien facechristmas tree and star


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Spitfire puzzle

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Remember this

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guess who puzzles

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