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Electricity games

Here is a good site to help you to check your understanding of electrical circuits and symbols and a game to play which allows you to experiment with bulbs and wires. It will help you to check some of the ideas we tested this week with our ‘squishy circuits’.

Click on the image to follow the link to the BBC site. You can change the circuit by dragging and dropping from the menu at the bottom of the circuit. You can also choose to see your model in its model (‘real’) form (above) as well as as a circuit diagram.

There is a lot more to explore on the BBC science site which you may also find interesting including information, games and film clips.



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Toyota ‘dream car’ competition

I’ve just come across this and thought it might appeal to some of you. Click on the image to ¬†go to the website for the competition to find out more. The UK deadline is 21st January.


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Christmas tree lights

Before 12th Night arrives, I thought I’d better post some of pictures of our festive trees. I hope everyone’s has lasted over Christmas!


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